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Should check out these proffessional people! ^^


Commissions are FREE! in my journals!
Traditional Art trade with ItzMichelle by Nomomomomom
League Of Legends REQUEST!!! Quinteers by Nomomomomom
FB Request from Cindy by Nomomomomom
Annie (LoL) *1000 view special* by Nomomomomom
Kaiya Worksheet FINAL (OC) by Nomomomomom
Commissions (In order from pictures)
Traditional Drawings, FOR FREE CURRENTLY, there is no journal, if many of you guys want drawings, then i will release a free journal.
Computer Drawings, FOR FREE CURRENTLY, there is no journal, if many of you guys want drawings, then i will release a free journal.
Icons, FOR FREE CURRENTLY, There is a journal, feel free to comment in that journal and request.
NLR's, FOR FREE CURRENTLY, There is a journal, feel free to comment in those journals and request.
FEATURED ART, FOR FREE CURRENTLY, there is no journal, if many of you guys want featured art, then i wll release a free journal.
Traditional and Computer. Difference is, i draw traditional better than computer, so it'll take me longer to make traditional art.
Icons, it has a format, it doesnt have to be a format, you can just send me a render link or anime picture and i'll credit the owner! ^^
NLR's, it can be CUSTOM or MIXED hair, i have 2 journals for that.
OC's, its used in the NLR's sections.
FEATURED ART, What is it? For example, its art owned from other people, like Annie, its owned by Riot Games.
you can also request for like, Miku, from Vocaloid, or one of your characters with another character from someone else, and its also in the Drawing sections.
If you keep asking me for a drawing or anything in my comments area, i will upload a journal for it, and you may request there.
If many of you guys commission for my free stuff, i may push the commission price to 2-5 or more if the popularity of my requests are high.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
~~Sorry to spoil it kawaii-desu speshul snowflake... by Eyenoom~~
Hello~ Im Nomomomomom, Or AKA Renah Lei.
I like to do stuff for free, because its fun, but yea, feel free to comission some stuff for free, i honestly dont know what to say here, but yea! Anyways. My other account is GingeryLightz, I plan on creating that account specifically for drawing usages and other stuffs so...! Yea, feel free to watch that account as well! I'll be fixing it a little more after another, and soo i'll be posting drawings on that account!
Oh, and! I'd really appreciate it if you'd watch me! Or favorite my artwork!
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:bulletblue: :iconseelion: :bulletblue: WE MET BY CHANCE, AND CHANCE made me lucky : D
:bulletpurple: :iconimmalychee: :bulletpurple: Hearts. thats how we met, HEARTS <3
:bulletpink: :iconxdadax3x: :bulletpink: Beyond words. Fabulous X'))
:bulletred: :iconiisquishieeturtle: :bulletred: PICO BUDDY : DD
:bulletorange: :iconalohana: :bulletorange: Been my pico buddy along with cactato <33
:bulletyellow: :iconlaurifly: :bulletyellow: <--- TEACH ME HAO TO DRAW PLOX LOL.
:bulletgreen: :iconlauqhing: :bulletgreen: She's been there to teach me, as i've been there to teach her, i worship her LOL
:bulletblue: :iconcindyxo16: :bulletblue: My old buddy, and still is <3
:bulletwhite: :iconyoureabuttcrack: :bulletwhite: Shes a buttcrack for a reason! XD
:bulletgreen::bulletblue: :iconcactato: :bulletblue::bulletgreen: Best friend that i can ever ask for, ;u;
:bulletpink::bulletred: :iconiichocolatepanda: :bulletred::bulletpink: THIS GIRL SPAMMED ME LOLOLOL
:bulletblack: :iconwalkingtacos: :bulletblack: SHE IS MY SCHOOL BUDDY <33333
:bulletblack::bulletpurple: :iconxisanamizxc: :bulletblack::bulletpurple: <-- shes hiding from me. LOL. scared of me yet? xD
:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: :iconscarletsky20: :bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Shes my favorite cousin~~


Hey! this is my sister! AKA, Adorkable!


Nice artworks right?
You should go watcher her! ^^

League Of Legends Stamp by simoverde
I also play league of legends, but, go away, i have too much friends ;-; i mean, if you plan on playing with me alot then, Great! Just note me and i'll give you my username! but if you only plan to see how good i am, then eff you too. --Note, i main support, and i absolutely love aram, and the limited game modes.

Fave Champ over all others Nidalee League of Legends Stamp by 10mgBT1012cada5min

Fave Support Champ League of Legends: Nami Stamp by immature-giraffe

--Supports that i play--
Morgana Stamp Skin by Dweynie Kayle League of Legends Stamps by 10mgBT1012cada5min League of Legends: Soraka Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Janna Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Lux Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Thresh Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Alistar Stamp by immature-giraffe :thumb354396198: :thumb354174699:

Adc's that i play
Jinx Stamp Skin by Dweynie Sivir League of Legends Stamp by 10mgBT1012cada5min

Mid Champs that i play
Katarina League of Legends Stamp by 10mgBT1012cada5min League of Legends: Fizz Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Karma Stamp by immature-giraffe Annie League of Legends Stamp by 10mgBT1012cada5min Orianna Stamp by Dweynie :thumb354171019:

Jungle Champs that i play
League of Legends: Elise Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Maokai Stamp by immature-giraffe Little Knight Amumu Stamp by SkeithFactor

Fennekin Stamp by Shiro-Redfield Froakie Stamp by Shiro-Redfield Chespin Stamp by Shiro-Redfield Phione Stamp by StrawberrieMew Munna Stamp by ExhoLOL
The bill is $124023. :iconfuckyeaplz:
Thank you, come again! :icontrollfaceplz:


Nomomomomom has started a donation pool!
122 / 10
What im using points for?
I commission other people!
I Donate!
I want to repay the people who supported me when i first started!
And i wish to repay my first watcher AND first commissioner! :iconcactato: and :iconseelion:
I will use points to commission other people for your information, even though i havent commissioned yet!
I also use points to celebrate birthdays!
So if its YOUR b-day, I will celebrate! ^^

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    Donated Aug 9, 2013, 6:07:14 PM
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Stolen from :iconilolorin:

//btw sorry for the inactiveness, //shot. again.
i just moved houses, and i've been getting quite friendly with one of my special friend c; //secrets are secrets//
So, i show alot of stuff that i usually dont tell people! So i hope you enjoy this little "secret' about myself so c:

▲ t h e - e s s e n t i a l s 

name: Misty
nickname: Mimi, Chompster, Renah/Ren, Lenola, Lena, Heeroji, Heero ( i play multiple games with these usernames )
location: Minesota, the state of Mini Sodas!
age: 13
height: around 4'11 and 5'2
zodiac sign: Aries
any pets: Multiple Gold fishies
favourite thing about yourself: My cheeks
worst habit: Cant socialize well
fun fact: I never knew how to go down stairs when I was 4 years old.

▲ i d e n t i t y , s e x u a l i t y + p e r s o n a l i t y

gender identity: Female
sexual preference: Straight
romantic preference: Nice personality, respects me for who I am, and knows that I just want warm hugs.
"kinsey scale" score: wat.
relationship status: Single(?).
myers / briggs type: wat.
hogwarts house: harry potter?

▲ r o u t i n e

"early bird" or "night owl": Night owl, I cant wake up early
bath or shower: I cant bath... my hair would clog the drain.
first thought in the morning: I'm hungry.
last thought before falling asleep at night: I'm hungry.

▲ s c h o o l / w o r k

do you work or are you a student: Student
what do you do good?: Art, Band.
where do you see yourself in 5 years: Probably still at home, playing games, and probably finding my special someone around that time(?).

▲ h a b i t s ( d o - y o u . . . ? )

drink: No
smoke: No
do drugs: No
exercise: No
have a go-to comfort food: no. ;-;
have a nervous habit: Cry myself to sleep.

▲ w h a t - i s - y o u r - f a v o u r i t e . . . ?

physical quality (in yourself): my cheeks.
in others: Men : cute, hot, eyes | Girls : Eyes, smile
mental / emotional quality (in yourself): My personality, able to be strong even though I've been punched down so low. c:
food: anything thats meat, and its good.
drink: Sprite keeps me skinny
animal: Giraffe's & Birds 
artist / band / group / other: MANY ARTISTS. MANY BANDS. MANY GROUPS. MY SISTER.
author / poet: My friend Alaina Boettcher c:
tv show: Family Guy + Simpsons
actor / actress: Me!
blogger: I dont really look into that stuff(?).

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